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COVID-19 Testing Available at Med Stop Urgent Care Center

We have the ability to collect a nasal swab in our clinic and courier it to West Pac Labs, where a state-of-the-art PCR test will be run.  Results are usually available in 2-4 days.  This is the most “accurate” test available.  However, false negative results can be a significant concern as with all COVID-19 testing techniques. 

We are not a “drive-through testing center”, we are an Urgent Care Center, so in order to be tested for COVID-19, you will be evaluated by a medical provider, who will then order the appropriate test, after assessing the pertinent information.  West Pac Labs will bill your insurance independent of our evaluation charges.

We also have a Rapid COVID-19 Test called the ID NOW by Abbott Labs in house.  It is an excellent Rapid, Point of Care test.  It has been used at the White House and the CDC.  It provides same-day-results, usually while you are still in the clinic.  It is not quite as “accurate” as the PCR test and may yield more false negatives.

Our medical providers will be able to determine which test is best for your clinical situation and needs.  In some situations, we may “screen” you with the Rapid test in clinic and then send-out the PCR to confirm or refute that initial result.

Our “cash-pay” price for the Rapid ID NOW COVID-19 test is $100.  Health Insurance will usually pay for this test with no out-of-pocket cost to you. There is a separate charge for your medical evaluation, which should also be covered by your health insurance, with no out-of-pocket cost to you.



Med Stop Urgent Care has made modifications to the check-in process for registration if you need to be seen for any COVID-19 related issues.  We are a “walk-in only” clinic and do not take appointments.  Please note that due to enhanced cleaning measures to ensure the protection of our patients and staff, the wait times can be longer than normal.

The process to check-in and be seen by a provider for COVID-19 related issues is as follows;

When you arrive in the parking lot call 805-549-8880.  We will take your name, date of birth, and a telephone number.  Always wear a mask when interacting with staff, including outside of the office.  Please have your current insurance card (a copy of your insurance card, front & back, can be emailed to if needed) and a photo ID available.  We will provide you with the paperwork for registration to be completed and signed outside of the building.  Place the clipboard and paperwork in the box out front of the office.  You will then wait outside or in your vehicle.  Once a room is available, you will be contacted by phone.

***Please note that we are not a lab or “testing site”.  You do have to be evaluated by a medical provider to obtain a COVID-19 test.  We use WestPac Lab for COVID-19 PCR testing with result turn around in 2-4 business days (it can take longer depending on the volume of testing in the County).  We also have “rapid” tests available with the ABBOTT ID NOW system.  The medical provider will determine which test option is best for your situation.

Below are the required registration forms for COVID-19 related visits.  You are welcome to print and complete the paperwork prior to coming in for a quicker check-in process. 




If you are ill with a COVID-19 infection and you are only mildly ill, the treatment plan includes:

  • Stay home/avoid close contact with others, especially vulnerable people, like the elderly.
  • Self quarantine until you have no fever for over 1 day; AND your symptoms have been  improving for 3 days; AND it has been more than 10 days from the start of your illness.
  • The usual viral illness treatment: hydration, rest and acetaminophen for pain and fever.
  • Seek medical advice if, for example, you are short of breath, light-headed or getting worse.
    • Call your own doctor for the most appropriate evaluation plan.
    • Call your local Urgent Care Center for advice if you have no doctor available.
  • Go to a local hospital ER if you might be sick enough to need hospital-based care.

If you have a similar mild upper respiratory illness, NOT caused by a COVID-19 infection but rather a different virus, we recommend the same treatment plan. 

Current estimates for the rate of “false negative” COVID-19 test results are over 20% (The test result is negative, but you really do have the disease).  So even if you have a negative test result, it may not adequately “prove” that you do not have a COVID-19 infection.

Many COVID-19 infected patients who seek medical care have had fever, cough, and fatigue.  Some have reported shortness of breath, aches and pains, poor appetite and sputum production.  Other symptoms can include, headaches, sore throat, congestion, diarrhea, nausea and a decreased sense of smell and taste.

This constellation of symptoms is not unique enough to reliably differentiate COVID-19 infections from a number of other viral infections, such as influenza.  COVID-19 symptoms can vary from none at all, to critically ill with a multitude of complications.  This clinical variability makes the diagnosis challenging, since COVID-19 can look like a lot of other diseases, some of which are treated quite differently. 

By way of example, seasonal allergies can cause sneezing, nasal congestion, sore throat and fatigue, just like COVID-19.  Clearly the treatment plan and lifestyle repercussions of seasonal allergies is quite different from a diagnosis of COVID-19.  A medical evaluation, and appropriate testing, may help differentiate between similar clinical syndromes and improve treatment plans.

Though COVID-19 and other testing may not change the medical care plan for some patients with mild upper respiratory symptoms, in others it can help establish an alternative diagnosis and more effective treatment plan.  It can also help guide important non-medical decisions about, quarantining, contact tracing, travel restrictions, work/school participation and contagiousness.

Patients who are at high-risk for complications of COVID-19, such as older adults with multiple chronic medical conditions might benefit from outpatient monoclonal antibody treatment.  This new and quickly evolving treatment option should be available in San Luis Obispo soon.  We will not be providing monoclonal antibody treatment at Med Stop Urgent Care Center but we can discuss potential referrals options, as services become available locally.


You can learn more about the COVID-19 Test Guidelines here:

For more general information about COVID-19: